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Everything You Need To Know About The Sensation, Elsa Jean

The adult industry has gained a lot of ground in recent years. It has facilitated the economy and also the audience’s entertainment. Moreover, the entertainment industry has also opened many grounds for employment. Some sites and private apps have also come out in this era. These also add to the entertainment of users and subscribers who enjoy a more private process. Thirst traps, honey traps, and seductive content have set the bar high. Audiences around the globe subscribe and enjoy this content with a private indulgence. This blog will discuss one of those petite, cute, and charming people. Elsa Jean has stepped into the adult industry and has made quite a name. She is currently working as a professional porn star in the adult industry. Let’s get a deeper insight into the charming teen maiden. 

Who Is Elsa Jean?

Elsa Jean is an American professional porn star. She is currently working in the adult industry. However, her actual name is Sapphire Nicole Howell. She uses the same name for her social media handles. Elsa Jean is her pseudonym or stage name. She took birth on September 1, 1996. She is currently 21 years of age. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Elsa is a Christian by religion. She hails from Ohio, and she mostly grew up in North Canton, United States. She grew up in the same place. Her caste is unknown. Elsa started her debut in the adult industry around 2015. 

What Are Her Body Measurements?

Elsa Jean is a cute little angel who flaunts a wide smile and charming eyes. Her eyes are fascinating, glowing with a bright blue hue in her pupil. She towers at a short height of 5’3″. This means she has a height of 160 centimetres (1.6 meters). Her weight is 45 kilograms, which is 99 pounds. She has a breast size of 32 inches. Her body measurements are 32A-24-28. She has a waist length of 24 inches. Elsa’s breast cup, or the size of her bra, is 32A. She is a blondie, and her hair is shiny and golden. 

Where Did She Attend Her Schooling?

Elsa Jean graduated from high school and attended George Mason University. There, she studied in the Department of Surgery and eventually chose her profession as a surgery assistant. 

What Are Elsa’s Likes & Dislikes?

Elsa Jean has a series of favorites and a number of things she doesn’t like. Moreover, she also likes and dislikes food and beverages. She is a fan of burgers. Additionally, Elsa likes chicken dishes and doughnuts. She likes lime juice as her beverage.

Furthermore, she is also an ardent watcher of shows. She likes entertainment and often engages herself with the cinema. Her favorite films are Black and Blond and Our Family’s Little Secret. Moreover, she has also approved her liking for Daddy’s Little Doll 2: Daddy And Me. Jean’s favorite colors are pink, black, red and white. There are many photos of her in which she wears these beautiful dresses. She has photos of herself in a pink bikini. Moreover, there are also pictures of her wearing black or blue tops. 

What Are Some Of Her Achievements In The Adult Industry?

Elsa Jean has gained considerable and acute success in the adult industry. She has become the eye candy for a lot of watchers. Her work as a professional porn star has also garnered attention. Many porn industry companies have hired her for work. Eventually, she took to bigger audiences and enjoyed the massive attraction. Her debut started when she starred in a pornographic film in 2015. Once, she became the highest-paid pornographic actress in America. Her success came about about three years after her initiation. Moreover, she also achieved the fourth rank on an international scale of the Top Ten Pornstars. 

Some Additional Facts About Elsa Jean

Elsa Jean is known for her career in the adult industry as a professional porn star. Moreover, she has appeared in many series and shows by popular adult companies. She has a pet dog named Olivia. Additionally, she has also worked in Lesbian, Softcore and Dildo genres. Moreover, she has worked for many European and American producers. Some of them are Many Vids, Digital Playground, and Porna.

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