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The Canadian Next Door, Elisha Cuthbert

Aren’t you afraid of the Dark? The actress from Canada may give you a glimpse of acute fear. Furthermore, Kiefer Sutherland also joined hands with her in 24. She has also acted with Joe Mantegna in a film. The actress has made a name for subtle screaming on screen. She acted in two horror movies, and her act delivered a good deal of screaming. Eventually, people gave her the title of “scream queen”. The actress has covered many milestones in her career. Additionally, one magazine also deemed her as “TV’s most beautiful woman”. Let’s get a deeper insight into the Canadian actress.

Who is Elisha Cuthbert?

Elisha is short for Elisha Ann Cuthbert. She was born on November 30, 1982, in the city of Calgary in Canada. Elisha grew up in Greenfield Park, Quebec. She is currently 41 years of age. Her father is Kevin, an automotive design engineer. On the other hand, her mother, Patricia, is a housewife. She completed her graduation in 2000 from the Centennial Regional High School. Her former days as a kid got her engaged as a girl guide. Elisha was working as a guide and a member of the Girl Guides of Canada. She was a foot model back when she was nine years of age. Additionally, she tailors children’s clothing and apparel.

What Were Elisha’s Former Works in The Industry?

Elisha made her first appearance on the screens in the children’s horror series Are You Afraid of the Dark? She wasn’t a regular actor in the show and only appeared for extra. Eventually, she became a regular cast member. She has also played in a feature film for the drama Dancing on the Moon. Many such Canadian family films were coming out at the time. Elisha had acted in quite some of them. Additionally, she has also co-starred in some films. Elisha Cuthbert and Ricky Mabe starred in the Canadian film Believe. Airspeed is also one of her horror movies, based on an airplane. The people’s calling of her as scream queen falls no short of praise. Furthermore, Hillary Clinton invited her to the White House on an occasion. She was very impressed with Cuthbert’s hosting in Popular Mechanics for Kids.

Who is Elisha Cuthbert -

What Was She Doing In The 2000s?

Elisha Cuthbert had set off for Los Angeles at the age of 17 upon completing graduation. Eventually, she moved to Hollywood. She delivered outstanding performances for her act as Kim Bauer in the 24 series. The 24 franchise saw her cast on and off throughout the seasons. Elisha had acted in the first three seasons. However, she only appeared as a guest in two episodes of the fifth season. She had no appearance in the fourth season. Her journey in Hollywood started with playing small roles. Furthermore, the breakthrough in her career came about with Danielle. She’s the character in The Girl Next Door, and the same. Additionally, Elisha has also starred with Paris Hilton and Chad Michael Murray. The three notable actors acted in the remake of House of Wax.

Elisha’s Recent Happenings In The 2020s

Elisha started starring in the comedy series The Ranch in 2016. The show is available on Netflix. Eventually, she joined the cast of Eat Wheaties! It is a comedy film by Scott Abramovitch. The film is based on the 2003 novel The Locklear Letters by Michael Kun. We find Elisha adaptive in both horror and comic series or films. Above all, her versatility makes her a cast for a terrifying Bandit or The Cellar. Additionally, she also tickles the funny bone in Friday Afternoon in the Universe and Jann.

Some Details Of Her Personal Life

Elisha has two younger siblings. Furthermore, she is also passionate about painting. Cuthbert tied the knot with Dion Phaneuf. He is an ice hockey player and former captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs. They got engaged in September 2012. Eventually, they organized their marriage at the St. James Catholic Church on July 6, 2013. The church is located in Summerfield, on the island of Prince Edward. The couple has two children together. They had their first daughter in 2017 and a baby boy in 2022.

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