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Chumlee Net Worth: Her Age, Wife And Death

Chumlee, whose real name is Austin Lee Russell, is a fan favorite on the hit reality TV show “Pawn Stars”. Known for his laid-back personality and love for sneakers, Chumlee has become a household name and has amassed a significant net worth through his appearances on the show. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Chumlee’s net worth, age, wife, and the rumors surrounding his death.

Chumlee’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chumlee’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. This is a significant increase from his initial salary of $25,000 per episode when the show first started in 2009. As the show gained popularity, so did Chumlee’s salary, and he now reportedly earns $25,000 per episode.

Aside from his appearances on “Pawn Stars”, Chumlee has also ventured into other business ventures, including opening his own candy store called “Chumlee’s Candy on the Blvd” in Las Vegas. He also has a line of merchandise, including t-shirts, hats, and other items featuring his catchphrases from the show.

Chumlee’s Age

Chumlee's Age

Chumlee was born on September 8, 1982, making him 38 years old as of 2020. He was born and raised in Henderson, Nevada, and has been a resident of Las Vegas for most of his life. Chumlee’s love for collecting and selling items started at a young age, and he would often accompany his father to garage sales and flea markets.

Chumlee’s Wife

Chumlee is unmarried, yet he shares a enduring companionship with his girlfriend, Tanya Hyjazi. The couple has been together since 2013 and often shares photos of each other on their social media accounts. Tanya is a chef and has her own catering company in Las Vegas.

In 2016, Chumlee made headlines when he was arrested on drug and weapon charges. Tanya stood by his side throughout the ordeal, and the charges were eventually dropped. The couple has been going strong ever since and often travels together for work and leisure.

Chumlee’s Death Rumors

In 2014, rumors started circulating that Chumlee had passed away. The rumors were sparked by a fake news article that claimed Chumlee had died of a heart attack. The article was shared on social media, and many fans believed it to be true.

However, Chumlee quickly put the rumors to rest by posting a photo of himself on his Instagram account with the caption, “May we live long, Rich forever.” The post was accompanied by the hashtag #NotDead.

The Impact of the Death Rumors

The Impact of the Death Rumors

The death rumors had a significant impact on Chumlee’s life and career. He received numerous messages of condolences from fans and even had to change his phone number due to the overwhelming number of calls and texts he received.

The rumors also affected his family, with his mother receiving calls from concerned family members and friends. Chumlee’s co-stars on “Pawn Stars” also had to address the rumors and assure fans that he was alive and well.

Aside from the death rumors, Chumlee has also faced legal troubles in the past. In 2016, he was arrested on drug and weapon charges after police searched his home during an investigation into a sexual assault allegation. The charges were eventually dropped, and Chumlee pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of attempted possession of a controlled substance.

In 2019, Chumlee was arrested again for drug possession after police found methamphetamine, marijuana, and Xanax in his home during a raid. He was charged with 20 felony counts, including drug possession and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. However, the charges were dropped after Chumlee agreed to complete three years of probation and undergo counseling.

Chumlee’s Future on “Pawn Stars”

Despite his legal troubles, Chumlee has remained a fan favorite on “Pawn Stars” and continues to appear on the show. However, there have been rumors that he may be leaving the show to focus on his other business ventures.

In a 2019 interview, Chumlee stated that he would like to open a restaurant and focus on his candy store. He also mentioned that he would like to start a family and that he and Tanya have been discussing the possibility of having children.


Chumlee net worth has grown significantly since his first appearance on “Pawn Stars” in 2009. He has become a fan favorite and has used his fame to venture into other business opportunities. Despite facing legal troubles and death rumors, Chumlee has remained a beloved member of the “Pawn Stars” cast and continues to entertain viewers with his laid-back personality and love for collecting. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Chumlee and his growing net worth.

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