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Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me Lyrics

The hymn “Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me” has touched the hearts of many with its powerful message of grace and divine strength. Its lyrics are a testament to the transformative power of faith and the humble recognition of Christ’s role in our lives. Whether you’re a devout follower seeking to internalize its words or a musician looking for lyrics and chords, this song offers a profound experience of worship.

Lyrics: A Window to Worship

The lyrics of “Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me” are steeped in theological richness, reflecting the Christian belief that it is not by our own efforts, but by Christ’s work in us, that we live a life of purpose and salvation. The verses encapsulate the essence of Christian humility and reliance on divine guidance.

Verse and Chorus

The song begins with a verse that sets the tone for the entire hymn, speaking of the joy and peace found in Christ alone. The chorus then echoes the titular phrase, reinforcing the message that it is Christ who lives within us, empowering us to overcome life’s challenges.

Emotional and Spiritual Connection

When singing or reading the lyrics, many find a deep emotional and spiritual connection. The words serve as a reminder of the Christian journey and the ever-present help of Christ. Each line is crafted to bring comfort and reassurance to the believer’s heart.

Chords: Music that Moves

For musicians, the chords of “Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me” are just as important as the lyrics. The song’s harmonies are designed to complement the message, creating an atmosphere of reverence and awe.

Easy to Play

The hymn features a chord progression that is relatively easy to play, making it accessible for guitarists and pianists of various skill levels. This simplicity allows for a focus on the worship experience rather than technical complexity.

Enhancing the Lyrics

The chords serve to enhance the lyrics, underlining key phrases and elevating the overall impact of the song. As you play, the music intertwines with the words, creating a holistic worship experience that can be both personal and communal.

A Hymn for All

worship gathering

“Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me” is a hymn that resonates across denominations and cultures. Its universal message of Christ’s indwelling presence makes it a favorite in churches, small groups, and individual reflection.

Bringing People Together

In a time of worship, this hymn has the power to bring people together, uniting them in a common voice of praise and dependence on Christ. Its lyrics and chords transcend personal circumstances, speaking to the collective faith of the congregation.


The lyrics of “Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me” offer a poignant reflection on the Christian life, while the chords provide a melodic vehicle for the song’s profound message. It is a hymn that captures the essence of faith — the joy of salvation and the peace that comes from surrendering to Christ’s leading.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration, comfort, or a way to express your faith through music, this song stands as a beautiful tribute to the power of Christ working in and through us.

For those interested in learning the song or exploring its message further, the lyrics and chords are widely available. May this hymn continue to inspire and uplift hearts for generations to come.

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