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Who is Moisés Arias? Everything About American actor

Moisés Arias is a name that may ring a bell for many, especially for those who grew up watching popular Disney Channel shows. But who exactly is Moisés Arias, and what has he been up to? In this article, we dive into the life and career of the American actor, touching upon his background, his heritage, and his relationships.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Moisés Arias was born on April 18, 1994, in New York City to Colombian parents. He started acting when he was really young. Arias got his start in entertainment with minor roles in television and commercials. However, it wasn’t long before he landed his breakout role as Rico Suave on the Disney Channel series “Hannah Montana.” This character became a favorite among fans for his comedic timing and memorable one-liners.

Rise to Fame

Following his success on “Hannah Montana,” Moisés Arias went on to appear in several films and television shows. His versatility as an actor allowed him to transition from child star to more mature roles seamlessly. He showcased his talents in movies like “The Kings of Summer,” a coming-of-age film that was well-received by critics and audiences alike.

Moisés Arias Jewish?

Despite common misconceptions, Moisés Arias is not Jewish. His heritage is Colombian, and he has been quite private about his personal beliefs. His last name, Arias, is a Spanish surname common in several Latin American countries and does not necessarily indicate Jewish ancestry.

Moisés Arias Relationships

When it comes to his personal life, Moisés Arias has kept things relatively under wraps. There have been rumors and speculations about his relationships, but the actor has managed to keep a low profile in this aspect of his life. He is known to value his privacy and has rarely spoken publicly about his dating life.

Recent Work and Projects

In recent years, Moisés Arias has continued to build his filmography with roles in both independent films and major Hollywood productions. He has taken on challenging and diverse roles that demonstrate his growth and depth as an actor. His performances have garnered praise, and he has shown that he is not afraid to push the boundaries of his craft.


From a young Disney star to a respected actor in the film industry, Moisés Arias has come a long way. While he may not be in the spotlight as much as some of his contemporaries, he has carved out a successful career by choosing interesting and varied roles. His Colombian heritage is a point of pride, and he stands as a role model for young Latino actors looking to make their mark in Hollywood. As he continues to evolve and take on new projects, there is no doubt that Moisés Arias will remain a name to watch in the entertainment industry.

Interested in learning more about Moisés Arias and his career? Stay tuned for updates on his latest projects and performances.

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