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Who is Ivanna Sakhno? Her Life, Education, Career & More

The era has seen many activists and protestors alike. This blog discusses Ivanna Sakhno, who has also been an activist. She is from Ukraine and has actively engaged in Russia-Ukraine hostilities. Moreover, she is a stern believer in her background. As a result, she denied any role that violated her principles in real life. The actress has also starred in a Star Wars series and appeared in her own film in her native language. Let’s get a deeper insight into the Ukrainian actress.

Who is Ivanna Sakhno?

We all know her as Ivanna Sakhno, but her original name is Ivanna Anatoliyivna Sakhno. She took birth on November 14, 1997, in the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv. Sakhno is of Jewish descent and is also a Jew by religion. Her parents are Anatolii Sakhno and Halyna Kuvivchak-Sakhno. The former is a cinematographer, and the latter a director. Her great-grandmother survived Auschwitz. It has a significant history, being the concentration camps of the Nazis. Her dreams of becoming an actress perhaps started at an early age. She had watched Amelie around 2004, and her interest in acting increased.

Sakhno’s Previous Life and Education

Ivanna Sakhno has had an active interest in cinema since childhood. The 2001 French rom-com Amelie made her curious about film-making. The film typically sparked her interest, and she decided to set her career in acting. She left her hometown when she was 13. As a result, she moved to Vancouver in Western Canada to study English. Two American casting directors spotted her at a casting workshop. Eventually, they took a liking to the Ukrainian budding actress. Jane Jenkins and Janet Hirdhenson spotted her talent. So, she moved to the US in 2013. Ivanna then got into Hollywood to pursue her career in acting. She completed her education in the US at Beverly Hills High School. Eventually, she got into the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. She started working with Ivana Chubbuck, who coached her in acting.

What Has Sakhno Done In Her Career?

Ivanna made her first appearance in the 2005 television series Lesya + Roma. The show was an adaptation of the Canadian comedy sitcom Un gars, une fille. In addition, she made her debut in the 2013 biopic film Ivan the Powerful. Milka was the name of the character that she played. She achieved fame in Hollywood in Thomas Dunne’s 2016 thriller, The Body Tree. Later, two movies of 2018 involving big budgets came into being. Ivanna starred in these very films.

These were the Pacific Rim Uprising and The Spy Who Dumped Me. Ivanna also starred in the lead role in the thriller Let It Snow by Stars Kapralov. It was by a Ukranian director. Moreover, Lionsgate also acquired the license to distribute the film. This was a major success on the part of the Ukrainian crew. Above all, they had their film promoted by the largest American film distributor.

Sakhno, As A Judge of The Jury

Besides films, Ivanna Sakhno has also been a judge in a film festival. Sakhno was one among the jury of the international competition program. This was an organized event to the 10th Odesa International Film Festival. Furthermore, she was also a member of the jury of the 49th Molodist Film Festival in August, 2020.

Ivanna Sakhno, As an Activist

Ivanna Sakhno is Ukrainian. Her motherland has suffered much damage due to its conflicts with Russia. The issues of Russia-Ukraine hostilities have had far-reaching consequences. Eventually, we find activists like her who express their gratitude for their soil. Furthermore, they also devote their own work and stand up for their rights. Sakhno spoke openly at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival to express her support for Ukrainian prisoners.

Russian authorities had held these men from Ukraine in prisons. She has also taken to public grounds, expressing her condemnation of Russia’s actions. This had to do with the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Furthermore, Sakhno also made a speech in support of Ukraine at The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Her contempt for the Soviet Union made her reject a role in Netflix. Additionally, she also said that she avoids playing Russian characters.

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