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What is 123Movies? All About Free HD Streaming

Downloading or watching online shows from the internet has been a major topic. Websites that offer free streaming have opened roads to many internet users. Entertainment-driven people seek these more than often. In addition, the major audience plays a populous role in free streaming sites. The process of making movies and shows available for free has made it easy. When one needs the least bit of internet money, why bother subscribing? This process of piracy has emerged in recent years and is common in most countries. The digital world’s advancement has led to many side hustles. 123Movies is one of those sites that we shall get into, through this article.

What is 123Movies?

You must have come across websites that stream movies and shows for free. 123Movies is one of those websites that became popular in 2015. It started with its root server in Vietnam and gained worldwide fame. The site has access to a wide range of cinema and TV shows. Moreover, it stores content from many genres of art. The list starts from timeless classics to modern and trending content in entertainment. The creators of the website do not have a copyright license. This means that they are not liable to stream these movies for free. It is a non-consensual process in which the site’s host generates revenue in visits. So, the creator gets paid when internet users are visiting the site.

Is It Safe To Watch Shows From 123Movies?

The content that you stream or download on 123Movies doesn’t have the original creator’s permit. The content that you watch on the site won’t be different from the original one. It would only come with a bit of pop-ups and advertisements. Rest assured, you get your desired dose of entertainment for free. But there are always some downsides to every good ending. The site has been maligned too frequently after running overtime since 2015. It is an interesting fact that 123Movies became the world’s topmost illegal site. Around 97 million users had accessed the platform at its peak. However, the original face, aka 123Movies, sang its swan song.

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Was 123Movies shut down?

123Movies’ shutdown dates to 2017 when the talk around piracy became concerning. It was a Vietnamese site that quickly gained stardom around the world. However, nothing illegitimate remains long after discovery. The Motion Picture Association of America(MPAA) deemed the site as the most notorious in October 2017. It later came to light that the main servers were hosted from Ukraine. The MPAA had reported the site of masking the main host. 123Movies became “the most popular illegal site in the world” in March 2018. This report was passed by the MPAA. Additionally, they had also reported a monthly website visit of 97 million counts. 123Movies shut its services on 19 March 2018.

Are There Other Proxy Sites to 123Movies?

The demand for free HD content streaming is still popular among many. 123Movies indeed stopped services in 2018. However, there were other mirror sites to bridge the gap. Some proxy sites substituted 123Movies and resumed the free streaming services. These sites were mainly “gostream”, “gomovies”, “123moviesfree” and “memovies”. Websites like these appeared with different extensions. Some of those were .to, .is, .in, and some others. Initially, the site’s worldwide discovery led to its shutdown. But these could be accessible from any other region through a VPN.

What Is The New Face of 123Movies?

Other clone sites still exist with the same name. The clone and copy sites may be accessible but it is safer not to tread there. Surfing on these may hamper personal security and irritate with pop-ups. It is an interesting fact that the creator of 123Movies later released another website. The website came after 123Movies’ shutdown. This site was dedicated to anime with the name AnimeHub.to. AnimeHub ran for several months before shutting down.

Is 123Movies Accessible?

123Movies had long stopped its services in 2018. However, the final word for 123Movies’ presence stands affirmative. The record of February 2024 estimates that other sites do exist in lieu of 123Movies. Some of those are GoMovies, 123MoviesHub, 123moviesfree, GoStream. These are accessible by using a VPN to mask internet identity for safety measures. It is advisable to operate on pirate sites incognito. In conclusion, you should take necessary measures while accessing illegitimate sites. Even if you are short on revenue, try saving up for a subscription. The best interests of the audience must align with respecting the creator’s strife, shouldn’t it?

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