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What Happened to Zoro.to? Let’s Find Out

If you are a lover of anime, you will know the name of zoro.to for sure. This happens to one of the best anime websites in the world. However, recently, there has been a bit of a problem regarding the site. When you try to visit it, you get redirected to a different domain name. There is no need to panic in the meantime. This merely means zoro.to has moved to a separate domain except the original one. In this article, we are going to talk about zoro.to and what on earth happened to your favourite anime streaming site. Let us begin discussing.

What is Zoro.to?

Zoro.to is one of the best websites to stream anime online. What’s more, it is also an illegal website, to say the least. People who use zoro.to do so to watch their favourite anime without the constraints of time or money. At the same time, you can download anime and watch it at your own convenience. It also has a host of anime dubbed in English or even anime with English subs. You do not even need to register to stream anime there.

Why Did It Vanish Suddenly?

Now in recent days, anime lovers have been concerned about zoro.to since it appears to have moved to a different domain. The most asked question is what on earth happened that made zoro.to take this drastic decision. Several users confirmed that they could not access the site as they normally do. There could be a lot of reasons for a website to take this step, the most important among which is to avoid the scrutiny of law enforcement agencies. Many websites storing content illegally, like movies or anime, do this all the time.

Rebranded, not Shut Down

The good news for anime fans is that zoro.to has not shut down. It has simply rebranded itself into a new domain. The name of zoro.to for now is and watch.to, and you can watch all your favourite anime there. Worry not; all of it has been sorted through for you. You have to type the address directly into your browser to visit the website. After that, you get to stream your anime at once. However, another site seems to have come up called zorox.to and it offers the same content that the earlier site used to.

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Why was it Shut Down in the First Place?

There can be a lot of reasons why zoro.to was shut down. First and foremost, this was an illegal website that hosted content without the consent of the owners. As such, anybody could issue a strike and thus get it taken down any time of the day. It had to happen. Google sends a lot of DMCA complaints to the website owner, and in the end, it is taken down. Moreover, when a pirate website gets very popular, it gets taken down instantly.

Has Someone Acquired the Original Domain?

There are only very slight differences in the new domain name. For example, the GUI and the colour of the website have changed. But at the same time, old users can log in with their old credentials without any hassle. Some people maintain that zoro.to has been acquired by some anonymous development team. But this remains to be verified. The team of zoro.to itself has not confirmed as such and assures its loyal base that the data will remain secure. We are only happy that so many people’s favourite anime streaming site is going nowhere.


All in all, the anime streaming website zoro.to has gone anywhere, and it is simply aniwatch.to, and all the data is secure. One need not worry while looking for streaming websites. Your favourite anime site is safe for now. However, the domain name changed probably because of a lot of copyright infringements. Thus, we cannot determine when a website will get taken down. It is better to be on the right side of the law and not get into trouble for entertainment. Otherwise, severe penalties will have to be borne.

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