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What Happened to Dr. Pol’s Wife | All Need to Know About Diane Dalrymple

Dr. Jan Pol has earned fame as an esteemed personality, renowned for the popular reality TV show, The Incredible Dr. Pol. He has captured the hearts of millions, with his no-nonsense approach to medicines for pets, and unconditional love for animals. Therefore, he has become a fan favorite person in no time. That’s the reason why there are so many fans who want to know about his wife.

Whenever someone gains the status of a celebrity, fans become curious about their private lives. They want to know what they do when they are off-screen. Of course, that includes the details about their parents and other family members. However, in Dr. Pol’s case, her wife made headlines for a specific reason. 

If you want to know about the whereabouts of Dr. Pol’s wife and the mystery regarding what happened to her, you are at the right place. Here, we will share some riveting facts about Dr. Pol’s wife, Diane Dalrymple. 

Who Is Dr. Pol’s Wife? 

Dr. Pol’s wife’s name is Diane Pol. According to the reports, Diane’s presence in Dr. Pol’s life has been vital for him. In the interviews, he has always spoken about his wife, like how she supports him all the time. 

Dr. Pol’s Wife

As per the reports, Diane Poll was born in Mayville, Michigan, USA. She grew up on a dairy farm. Fans may like to know that Diane met Pol while they were studying at the Mayville High School. They found the perfect match in each other and finally fell in love. Finally, in the year 1967, they decided to formalize their relationship by getting married. 

As mentioned earlier, Diane has been a constant support system to Dr. Pol throughout the fifty years of their marriage. So, she has been an integral part of the family’s veterinary practice. 

For example, she has helped her husband with administrative tasks, surgeries, and bookkeeping. Undoubtedly, Diane used to appear on Dr. Pol’s shows several times. As a result, fans want to know what happened to her. 

The Disappearances of Dr. Pol’s Wife

Since we know about Dr. Pol’s wife, it’s time to talk about the disappearance of Diane. What happened to Diane? According to the reports, she disappeared from the limelight in 2019. In this year, some fans were shocked when Dr. Pol’s wife vanished without a trace. She was last seen in the show’s episode, titled, The Incredible Dr. Pol. Deja Moo!, which was released on March 9, 2019. 

However, since then, we haven’t seen her. It’s as if she has completely disappeared from the limelight. Moreover, the show’s producers haven’t said anything about her disappearance. Therefore, fans don’t know the reason what exactly happened. Nevertheless, several theories have surfaced. If you want to know more about Dr. Pol’s wife, you are at the right place. 

What Happened to Dr. Pol’s Wife?

Well, to tell the truth, nobody knows what happened to the celebrity’s wife. However, as we said earlier, several theories have been circulating regarding her disappearance. Yet, Pol has confirmed none of them. So, let’s take a look at the possible theories surrounding her disappearance. 

  • Health Issues

There’s a possibility that Dr. Pol’s wife, Diane Dalrymple, has had health issues, which is why she has been missing from the show for so long. So, what exactly happened to her? As we mentioned earlier, no one truly knows what exactly happened to the woman, but she is missing from the show. 

Dr. Pol’s show is extremely popular, and his wife used to be in the show frequently. That said, she went missing. Some sources tell us that she has been suffering from health troubles. While she may not show up on the show, we do know that she has been actively involved in the family’s veterinary practices.

At present, she is enjoying her retirement. Now, why do some people think she has health issues? This theory was further given credibility as she was diagnosed with cancer in 2017. Yet, her family hasn’t given any confirmation regarding this. 

  • She Took Retirement

It’s possible that Dr. Pol’s wife took retirement from the show. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t appear on the family’s TV show that much. At present, she is focusing on the family’s veterinary practice. This could explain why she remains absent from the show. If she has truly retired, then she may no longer feel the need to stay involved in the daily operations of the show. 

  • Personal Reasons

Some people also feel that she doesn’t appear on Dr. Pol’s show anymore due to personal reasons. In other words, she may have left the show because of personal reasons. Maybe she wants to spend more time with her family or wants to live a more private life away from the glamorous life. Some rumors further speak about the possibility of her death. However, that’s false news because she remains active on Facebook, where she at times posts pictures with her family. 

The Future of The Incredible Dr. Pol

Even though What Happened to Dr. Pol’s Wife, Diane, has been absent from The Incredible Dr. Pol, the show hasn’t stopped. As per the reports, the show has been renewed for the 19th season. We can see Dr. Pol treating animals like he used to. He remains vigilant in educating his viewers about veterinary medicine. 

While some fans may miss seeing his wife on the show, they can still see him at times on Dr. Pol’s social media page, where she makes appearances on some of the posts and videos. It only goes to show that she is still an integral part of his life and family. 

Final Thoughts

The disappearance of Dr. Pol’s wife remains a unique mystery to many. Fans don’t know the truth, and they come up with new theories every day. So, even though she does appear on some posts of Dr. Pol, it’s been a while since she appeared on the show. Fans have been showing support for a long time. If you want, you can still follow her social media page and support her and the Pol family.

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