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The Best Melissa McCarthy Movies You Should Watch Now

Melissa McCarthy has carved out a unique niche in Hollywood with her distinctive comedic style and undeniable talent. She is one of the most dynamic actresses in Hollywood. At the same time, her success also hinges on the fact that she does mainstream comedy roles in a realm that has always been dominated by men. Melissa McCarthy Movies are some of the best. From her breakout roles to her latest projects, McCarthy’s filmography is as diverse as it is impressive. Here’s a look at some of her most memorable movies, ranked from best to worst.

The Hangover III

Let’s dive into a somewhat forgettable entry in Melissa McCarthy’s filmography: “The Hangover Part III.” Following the lukewarm reception of its predecessor, this installment failed to recapture the magic of the original. McCarthy’s appearance as a pawnshop owner injected some energy into the mix, but ultimately, her enthusiasm couldn’t salvage the lackluster sequel. It’s no surprise if this one slipped your mind—it’s best left in the recesses of cinematic history. Also, it is one of the best comedy films in the business, but McCarthy could not salvage it. It is worth a watch, however. You can try it.

The Boss

Let’s dive into one of Melissa McCarthy’s collaborations with her husband, Ben Falcone, The Boss. Unfortunately, it falls short of expectations, marking one of the weakest entries in McCarthy’s filmography. Despite the potential for familial camaraderie, films directed by Falcone often miss the mark, veering into the cynical and infantile territory. The Boss follows suit, with McCarthy portraying a billionaire entrepreneur who faces a downfall and attempts a comeback with the aid of Kristen Bell and a troop of Girl Scouts. While the premise holds promise, the execution is marred by tired jokes and a lack of coherence, resulting in a forgettable cinematic experience.


Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix pastry spoof, despite its star-studded cast, leaves many celebrities floundering. However, Melissa McCarthy manages to navigate the comedic chaos relatively unscathed. In a role akin to Seinfeld’s sidekick, McCarthy showcases her deadpan skills, steering clear of the embarrassment that befalls some of her fellow actors. While she briefly shines in a scene opposite Jon Hamm, the movie’s pacing leaves much to be desired. Yet McCarthy’s strategy of understatement proves wise, allowing her to avoid the spotlight and emerge unscathed from this forgettable venture. Also, it is one of the finest movies in her repertoire.

Identity Thief

Melissa McCarthy’s first major role post-Bridesmaids fails to capture the charm of her breakout hit. In this film, she portrays Diane, a woman who survives by stealing others’ identities and credit cards. When a mild-mannered accountant discovers Diane’s scheme, they embark on a chaotic cross-country journey together. Unfortunately, McCarthy’s portrayal of Diane comes off as more grating than endearing. She pushes too hard for laughs in a role that lacks depth, ultimately falling short of her comedic potential. Also, it is another feather in Melissa’s cap. There is no doubt about it.

Pretty Ugly Thief

Director Tate Taylor’s first film tells the story of an overweight woman who reunites with old friends to reveal her weight loss at a wilderness retreat. Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer give subdued performances, but the film’s attempt at humor falls flat due to its unlikeable characters. Despite McCarthy’s efforts, the overall tone of the movie is insufferable, making it difficult to enjoy. Also, many people tried to enjoy the movie and failed very miserably. Not every movie that she works in succeeds, and this is a fact you have to face. No matter how fond you are of her.


In Melissa McCarthy’s first collaboration with her husband Ben Falcone, “Tammy” falls short on laughs. The film struggles to find its footing, leaving McCarthy to improvise her way through scenes. While the second half improves with the addition of Kathy Bates and Sandra Oh, McCarthy’s character lacks depth, and the overall film lacks substance.


In conclusion, Melissa McCarthy’s filmography is a mixed bag, showcasing her versatility as an actress while also highlighting the challenges of finding quality roles in Hollywood. While she has delivered standout performances in comedies like Bridesmaids, she has also faced misfires like Tammy. Despite this, McCarthy’s talent shines through even in weaker films, demonstrating her ability to elevate material with her comedic timing and charm.

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