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Tattoo Shops Near Me: How Can You Take Proper Care After Getting A Tattoo?

In today’s generation tattoos are one of the things that most people prefer getting. Starting from common people to celebrities, tattoos are a must. Some prefer simplistic ones whereas a few prefer extensive and complicated ones. So if you are one of them you must have searched for tattoo shops near me, right?

Since a tattoo machine uses a fast-moving needle to inject ink deep into the skin at times, there are chances of some infection if not treated properly. Therefore, if you are getting one, you need to be cautious about the aftercare. Moreover, even health experts also consider tattoos as open wounds. So this means that proper aftercare after a tattoo is a necessity to avoid any complications. Stay tuned to us until the end as we shall discuss some of the significant aspects regarding the care you should take after getting a tattoo. Let’s take a glance!

What Are The Steps That You Should Follow After Getting A Tattoo To Prevent Infection?

As we already said proper aftercare is necessary if you are getting a tattoo. Especially in the first few weeks this aftercare can prevent any sort of infections and keep the tattoo looking good. Let us look into some of the steps that you follow:

1)    The Initial Bandage

If you have got a tattoo you must have seen that the initial aftercare starts in the tattoo in the shop itself. Therefore, selecting a well-known tattoo shop is also essential. So once the tattoo is done, the artist will apply a thin layer of tattoo jelly or moisturizer over the entire area where you got the tattoo. The next step will be to cover the area completely with plastic wrap or a bandage.

You might feel it tempting to see the tattoo and would want to remove the protective cover to look at the tattoo, however, this can lead to infections later. Therefore, the bandage or plastic wrap should stay on for at least a few hours after the process. Well, it is the size and location of the tattoo that the length of time will depend on.

How Should Be First Wash?

You might have this question on your mind regarding when you can wash the tattooed area. Let us share all the details here. According to health experts, you can wash the area not before at least five hours. After that, removing the bandage and washing the tattoo is safe. So after washing your hands thoroughly, you can gently wash the tattoo with hypoallergenic soap and warm water using your fingers.

At this time, you will notice that the moisturizer will come off, and the tattoo may look like it is a thick or sticky substance. Well, this is quite natural and there’s nothing to worry about. It is just excess fluid and ink from the tattoo process. So after washing the area gently, pat the skin with a clean paper towel and allow it to air-dry for up to an hour. A few minutes later when the skin is totally dry, apply a thin layer of moisturiser.

2)    After One Week

Often you might hear from some tattoo artists that it is better to wait for 24-48 hours before applying moisturizer. Whereas a few others recommend doing so as soon as the first wash. So you should ask your tattoo artist and follow the instructions accordingly. After a couple of days, the area might feel warm to the touch and have a reddish appearance. Also, the area might appear very bright against the rest of the skin. However, it is not concerning as the area will become normal gradually as the healing process continues.

So during the first 3-6 weeks, you shouldn’t submerge the area in water or wet the area except for washing the area.

3)    After Two Weeks & Beyond

As the second week starts, you will notice that the scabs will start to flake off. So it is essential that you gently wash the area and moisturize the area so that it doesn’t get dry. Well, your skin is likely to become itchy during this time. However, do not scratch the area rather moisturize the area well to prevent dryness.

The final healing stage which is after 3 or 4 weeks can be a bit slow and you need to be patient enough. This is because most of the larger scabs would have fallen by now. You might notice small scabs and bits of dead skin may appear. However, they will also clear off after a few weeks.

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say tattoos are a common thing for this generation. Getting a tattoo might make you look stylish but you need to take proper care of that area until it heals completely. You can go through the article to get a brief idea regarding how you can take care after getting a tattoo.

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