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Know The Types Of Home Depot Plywood That Would Suit Your Needs

Plywoods are generally engineered wood that belongs to the manufactured boards family. This includes particle board and oriented strand board (OSB). The Home Depot plywood is made from thin sheets of veneer peeled from debarked wood. The thin layers so obtained are also called plies. These are glued together in alternating right angles. The idea is to create a cross-grain pattern. This pattern adds strength and stability. It also resists shrinkage and expansion, which can be caused by moisture.

How can we use plywood?

Plywood is the most common choice in construction works. It is usually considered because of its strength and low cost. These are mostly used in areas hidden, especially in places out of normal sight. It is used to offer support in places like floors, walls, roofs and garages in residential construction.

When these are used for roofing, the plywood panels are covered and protected using other materials. These keep most of the elements of corrosion at bay. These include roof felt, underlayment, flashing, and shingles. When we use them for flooring purposes, these plywoods create a subfloor to support the hardwoods, tile, and even the carpet floors. Usually, stainable and paintable plywood is ideal for a variety of purposes like shelving, cabinets, and furniture. When we use them for outdoor purposes, these plywood can be easily transformed into a variety of stuff. These can be used like fencing materials, packaging materials, scaffolding, sheds, and shipping containers.

What are the common types of plywood we use?

There are mainly four types of plywood grades which are available in the market. These specified grades are A, B, C, and D. Here A is considered to be the highest grade, and D is the lowest.

Grade A

This type of plywood usually has a smooth, sanded surface that is free of knots or any other defects. These are typically used for indoor purposes like high-end furniture making, cabinetry, and decorative projects.

Grade B

This is one of those types of plywood that usually comes with a slightly rough surface. These are coarser than grade A. Grade B plywood may have some visible defects, such as knots. However, it is still considered high-quality plywood. This is also quite suitable for use in furniture and cabinetry.

Grade C

This grade of plywood has a coarser surface than grade B. It may have visible knots as well as some other defects. This is commonly used for construction and industrial applications.

Grade D

This plywood has the lowest quality in this series. They may have numerous visible defects. These include knots, cracks, and splits. The grade D plywood is typically used for rough construction projects. These are especially used where appearance is not a concern.

What are some of the plywood alternatives?

We can use other types of boards as well to suffice our Home Depot plywood needs. They are even sometimes commonly referred to as plywood although they are manufactured differently. Technically, these are not plywood. Other engineered wood boards and panels can be a great option for construction projects. If one wants to save money or have a different look and feel, these are the best alternatives. These options are:

  1. Stainable plywood usually provides an already sanded surface. This accepts stains quite well and it is easy to create a natural-looking finish.
  2. Paintable plywood, on the other hand, readily accepts paint as well as laminates. These are best to create a unique and customized appearance.
  3. Pressure-treated plywood is best for resisting damage from several factors like water, weather, decay, and insects.
  4. Plywood which comes with tongue and groove edges is designed to snap together easily. However, these are capable of creating a strong and tight joint between panels.

Plywood alternatives are quite suitable options when choosing more budget-friendly yet durable wood boards. They are good for creating customized appearances at low costs.


To put it in a nutshell, the above list shows the vital types of Home Depot plywood. One always needs to know all the available options to make the right choice and choosing material for home furniture or construction work needs proper research. In case a person is confused about which plywood to choose, this guide will surely be of help.

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