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John Wick 5: Is Baba Yaga Back In Business?

The subtle composition of assassination and treachery can be traced to a man who loves dogs. We may also find the same in Derek Kolstad’s franchise. The badass action series took the media by storm around 2014. Well, Keanu Reeves was on the way. What else do we expect when we see an angel from heaven covered in blood and revenge? The John Wick franchise has perhaps notched the expectations of the audience. The Baba Yaga has created an atmosphere of nobility and set morals in a ruthless criminal world. His sentiments are linked to his weak possessions. However, his job doesn’t let him have the things he loves. So, what does he become? A monster? Or, a man caught in inertia? Let’s check out more info about John Wick 5.

Why Must John Wick Knock?

Consequences. We saw the end of the notable assassin in the fourth film. The man who took a pencil for a deadly weapon lay in his grave, beside his wife. Furthermore, he succumbed to his injuries at the end. However, he won the duel and stayed true to his principles. Nobody can forget the notorious hitman even after his death. Poetic justice? Let’s call it Revival.

Will There Be A John Wick 5?

Many fan theories and fiction led to the much-cooked gossip of a fifth John Wick film. However, there was a passing confirmation of a new release in May 2023. The director, Chad Stahelski, himself spoke of having no insight about it in a July 2023 interview. However, he did tell the media that he was okay with the idea of a new film. Eventually, he confirmed that it would be better for revival and not box office revenue. Stahelski explained, “I have notebooks and notebooks of s**t behind me, John Wicks 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. We have ideas for days. We just don’t have the story locked”. It is no surprise that the audience is still hung up on Keeanu Reeves’s character.

The Proceeding Talk Leading To The Release

John Wick 5

Lionsgate has been the distributor of the John Wick franchise. They announced a spin-off for a new film. Shay Hatten has written John Wick 5. The title of the film is “Ballerina”. The studio aimed to expand the franchise by instalments. Furthermore, they aimed to operate within the same fictional world of John Wick. The script is in the format of a speculative screenplay. Moreover, it depicts a young woman who plans revenge on the assassins who killed her family. Lionsgate acquired this script from Hatten in 2017. Hatten had written the final screenplay for Parabellum. Eventually, he became the lead writer for John Wick 4.

What Are The Potential Release Dates?

The film had to discontinue its processes due to some reasons. The crew chose Len Wiseman to direct the film. On the other hand, Chad Stahelski became a confirmed producer for the same by May 2020. The announcement of the release came about in April 2022. Initially, it should have been released in June this year. However, there was a year-long delay. Eventually, the principal photography began soon and took place in Prague, Czech Republic. However, there is now a fixed release date for John Wick 5. The film will be released in cinema halls and theatres on June 6, 2025.

Possible Endings, Varied Narratives

We all saw that John Wick died at the end of the fourth film. His gravestone was right by his wife’s. The duel between Caine and John Wick ended with Wick succumbing to his injuries. Additionally, Winston and the Bowery King meet at John Wick’s grave. However, the audience doesn’t see Wick’s body after death and only sees his grave. All we see is John slumping over. Now, there are many twists and plots leading to “an unkillable man”. Can there be a possibility that he faked his death? This becomes a revelation we are all anticipating. Staheski has, in fact, been very outspoken about the uncertainty of the ending. This can vouch for the return of John Wick, in conclusion.

What Is the Plot About?

The plot of John Wick 4 is likely set between chapters 3 and 4.  Unfortunately, there have been no trailers for the fifth film. The events of a possible John Wick 5 deal with Rooney. We first see her in John Wick 3, Parabellum, in 2019. Unity Phelan, a professional dancer, had first appeared for the role. However, the actress for the same has changed this time. Ana de Armas has now taken up the role of Ballerina, the very title of John Wick 5.

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