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Is TikTok Banned? Check Out To Find The Details

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms that you might often use to upload different types of entertaining content. So you must have heard about the news of TikTok Banned, right? Well, there is nothing to worry about. If you are unable to follow the matter, let us share all the news with you. TikTok sued the U.S. government on Tuesday over a law. This forced Chinese parent ByteDance to sell the app or face a national ban.

At the same time, U.S. President Biden signed a legislation in April. This gives ByteDance nine months to find a buyer for the popular short-form video app. In addition, it also gives a three-month extension if a deal is about to progress. So the entire matter is in the hands of the court. Stay tuned to us until the end if you are eager to find out! Let us take a glance!

What Is The Matter All About?

After reading the introductory part, you must have an idea regarding the matter that we are discussing in this section. Well, the future of TikTok has become more uncertain than ever after the social media company sued the U.S. government recently. This is over a law that would force the Chinese parent ByteDance to sell the app or face a serious consequence like a ban.

To carry it forward, President Joe Biden signed legislation in April. So you can guess that this will give ByteDance nine months to find a buyer for the popular short-form video app. In addition, there will be a three-month extension if a deal is in progress.

However, TikTok argues that the bill violates the First Amendment. As per the sources, Congress has enacted a law for the first time in history. This law subjects a single-named speech platform to a permanent, nationwide ban. This bars every American from taking part in a unique online community with more than 1 billion people worldwide. Needless to say, the American lawyers have argued a lot regarding TikTok’s foreign ownership posing a national security risk. Well, there are several other issues regarding this TikTok being banned. Let us read about them in the next section.

What Effect Did The Lawsuit Have On TikTok?

Do you know TikTok spent more than $2 billion on an initiative called “Project Texas?” Well, it is mainly to protect U.S. user data from foreign influence. However, lawmakers continued pressing to advance the legislation despite that.

Now, whether TikTok is successful in its lawsuit or not largely depends on how the courts treat the matter. Accordingly, it will become a First Amendment issue or a national security concern.

A Few More Details About The Case

As we said earlier, the D.C. Circuit Court could agree to hear the case in an advanced timeframe. This means a completed opinion could be delivered before a sale is required, according to the attorneys and lawyers.

Therefore, ByteDance will likely request a stay of the law or a preliminary injunction with the court. This will effectively put the law on hold until the decision is reached. If the court does not agree to put a stay on the order, that will become a problem for both TikTok and ByteDance. Moreover, TikTok can also file another lawsuit on behalf of its users. Now, this would strengthen the company’s First Amendment argument.

Moreover, it is also different from past attempts to ban TikTok since the bill has bipartisan support. This can naturally influence the courts. However, regardless of what happens in the circuit court, there is a real possibility that the case ends up getting elevated to the U.S. Supreme Court. So it does not seem that the case will not get a quick resolution.

In this regard, we can say that ByteDance could simplify the process and agree to divest TikTok so that its majority owner is outside of China. However, this company has said that they would rather close TikTok in the U.S. than sell it. So we can say that they are advancing toward a ban. We are still waiting to see the results shortly.

Ending Note

So, as we conclude, TikTok is one of the most popular and used platforms worldwide. Therefore, when such news comes up, people are sure to worry. You can look at the above article to learn about the news in detail.

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