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Interesting Facts About Leah Lewis, the Rising Hollywood Talent

Leah Lewis has become a very famous actress in the Hollywood scene. There’s no doubt that she has mesmerized several fans with her innate charm and multiple talents. From being a humble personality to her talent in theatre and TV series, Lea has made it big. According to the reports, she has come under the limelight after voicing in the animated film, Elemental. So, reports tell us that Leah’s acting excellence and personality make her a fan favorite.

If you want to know more about Leah Lewis, you are at the right place. Here, we will share some awesome facts about the US actress, such as her career, personal life, physique, and other essential facts. So, now’s the time to follow this article and find out all you need to know.

About Leah Lewis: Her Early Life & More

According to the reports, Leah Lewis has earned a reputation for being an excellent actress. Many fans know her for her roles as Georgia, the George fan from the Nancy Drew series, and Elie Chu from the Netflix comedy-drama movie, The Half of It. Additionally, she lent her voice to the lead character in the Elemental animated feature movie, named Ember Lumen. Undoubtedly, she has made a lot of fans who follow her works passionately. As a result, those fans want to know everything about their favorite actress.

According to the reports, Leah Lewis was born in the year 1996, on the 9th of December. So, several sources claim that she was adopted from an orphanage in Shanghai, China when she was only eight months old. Following that, her parents raised her in Windermere, Florida. So, her parents later adopted her younger step-sister, Lydia, from the same orphanage. Let us also tell you that Leah’s parent,s, Lorraine Lewis and Frederick are realtors.

Since her childhood, Leah always liked performing arts. Hence, she pursued it at Crenshaw Schol in Orlando, Florida. After that, she went to the Thornebrooke Elementary School in Ocoee to further her studies. So, readers may like to know that she had to move back and forth between LA and Orlando a lot during her teen years with her mother. Leah also joined Olympia High School and returned to LA at the age of 20.

What Is Leah Lewis’ Nationality?

So, there’s no doubt about the fact that Leah Lewis has many fans who want to know about her life. According to the reports, she was born in Shanghai, China. However, her realtor’s parents adopted her from there and took her to America. As a result, we can say that she is both Chinese and American.

How Tall Is Leah Lewis?

According to the reports, Leah Lewis is around 5 ft 5 inches tall. She loves to update her fans about her fitness journey on social media handles, such as Instagram. There’s no doubt that she loves to hit the gym and stay in shape. From her pictures, we can see that she has a ripped body. As a result, she has starred in many films and played roles that demanded such heavy roles.

Does Leah Lewis Have a Boyfriend?

Leah Lewis has many fans who want to know whether or not the actress has a boyfriend. As per the reports, she does have a boyfriend. She has been in a relationship for one year with Payton Lewis. It’s a coincidence that he shares the same surname as her. However, one should note that they aren’t married. As per the reports, her Instagram has lots of pictures of their snaps.

Career Details

Lewis started her career in commercials. Yet, once her family shifted to LA, she acted in the 2012 Nickelodeon movie Fred 3: Camp Fred in the role of Spoon. A year later, she auditioned for The Voice season 4, singing Blown Away. According to the reports, she also acted in many Disney shows, such as Best Friends Whenever, Gamers’ Guide to Pretty Much Everything, and others.

Besides, she also played the main role in season 2 of Michelle Trachtenberg. Once she moved back to LA, after graduating from high school, she starred in roles in TV shows such as Station 19, The Good Doctor, and others. However, her first major role was Ellie Chu in the Netflix film, The Half of It. She also lent her voice to the film, the Elemental.

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