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Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2: Shocking New Twists


Even though it’s been a while, people can’t get over Farmer Wants a Wife season 2, which saw the bonds of several couples. While the finale may have shocked a lot of spectators, it was still a wholesome show. The hit reality TV show from the UK has certainly made a huge impression on fans. As a result, the show was green-lit for a second season in the USA. 

For those of you who don’t know what this show is all about, let us give you a short review. So, Farmer Wants a Wife show is for those farmers who find it difficult to find spouses because of their isolated professions. This show enables them or rather introduces them to women from the city as their potential partners. Undoubtedly, this type of show has been on the trend for a while now. These reality TV shows have seen a lot of successful couples emerging. However, Farmer Wants a Wife season 2 was full of surprises and shocking twists.

There are a few couples, who we felt won’t hold together til the end. However, eventually, they were able to find love. At the same time, there are many readers who want to know about the couple, who are still together from season 2. However mind you, those who didn’t watch the show yet, there will be Farmer Wants a Wife season 2 spoilers from now on in this article. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the couples from the show. 

A Summary of Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2

The finale episode of Farmer Wants a Wife season 2 was spectacular, as it saw the union of the couples. According to the finale, the leading men choose between their two women and ask them to join them on the farm. In the final season, Brandon Rogers chose Grace Girard, Farmer Nathan Smothers chose Taylor Rachelle BeDell, and Mitchel Kolinsky ended up with Sydney Errerra. 

However, readers may like to know that Ty Ferrel broke off his connections with Megan Lay and Melody Fernandez. Interestingly, Megan and Melody took the problem with Ty and handled the respective breakouts. Melody came to Megan’s defence, saying that Ty might have missed a really “good thing” with Megan. 

The girl wanted to have children, while Ty was hesitant on the matter. Melody said, “I don’t like that excuse. I don’t think it’s a really good one.” However, Ty revealed that he had no regrets. He remains open to finding love, refusing to throw away his emotions. 

What Happened to the Other Three Farmers?

Although Ty didn’t choose Megan, other farmers in the finale chose their partners: Farmer Nathan with Taylor, Brandon with Grace, and Mitchell with Sydney. So, if you want to know how they are doing after the show, you are at the right place. Let’s take a look at how they are living their lives now. 

Farmer Nathan Smothers with Taylor Rachelle Bedell

In the finale of the Farmer Wants a Wife season 2, a fan-favorite contestant, Nathan Smothers, chose to live his life with Taylor Rachelle Bedell. He felt she would be the perfect person for him. Nathan, aged 23, invited a 25-year-old Taylor to spend the holidays with his family. Following that, he revealed to the media that they were still together. However, it should also be mentioned that Taylor hasn’t moved to the farm yet. 

Nevertheless, Taylor said that they are talking about plans within the next year. She also told the media that she always prayed for a Godly person, who would be her best friend. At the same time, Taylor wanted someone who would bless every meal she would eat, open every car door, and ask her to dance.

Nathan also praised Taylor’s love for him. He feels that Taylor makes him strive to become a better man and the best possible version of himself. The farmer also revealed that he might soon marry Taylor. Talking about the possibility, he said, “Maybe in the future, that might be in the mix (the marriage). I love Taylor very much.”

Farmer Mitchell Kolinsky and Sydney Errerra

Mitchel Kolinsky has kept good vibes with his partner, Sydney Errerra, whom he chose in the final episode of the Farmer Wants a Wife season 2. There’s no doubt about the fact that they had a thing for each other, even from the beginning of the season. So, that’s why it wasn’t a surprise when the farmer chose Sydney as his perfect match. 

According to the reports, they are going solid in their relationship. Mitchell, who is around 27 years old now, seems to be happy with Sidney, who is 22. He feels their love is blooming. Additionally, the farmer has spoken with the media, referring to Sydney as his “girl.” 

He said, “I’m thankful to have her by my side, and I hope it continues to be that way. There’s never been a girl that’s made me feel the way she makes me feel, and I can be my authentic self.” Undoubtedly, from Sydney’s perspective, Mitchell comes off as a calm person. She knew that things were going to be okay. As for what’s next for them, they might get married sooner rather than later. 

Farmer Brandon Rogers and Grace Girard

Brandon Rogers was slightly hesitant in moving forward with Grace Girard in Farmer Wants a Wife season 2. However, he eventually chose to follow his heart. The 29-year-old farmer felt it was worth the risk, irrespective of the fact that Grace spent her life in cities. Moreover, it’s worth noting that they had established a sound emotional connection in the show.

However, now comes the shocking twist. It seems that after exploring their connection in Farmer Wants a Wife season 2, they went their separate ways. Brandon revealed that he’s no longer with Grace, even though they shared an emotional connection. He said that while he and Grace had a great time after the show, it didn’t grow into love or the romantic connection he was looking for. 

As such, Brandon and Grace aren’t together anymore. However, Grace was ready to make the sacrifices. She had a rough time processing Brandon’s logic. As a result, she was hopeful that their relationship was going to end on a happy note.

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