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Everything You Need To Know About Jack Posobiec

You must have come across American politics in your daily life of work or study. There has been so much about Trump in the political sphere. Additionally, there have also been antisemitic sentiments causing unrest. Many political activists from the army or navy backgrounds partake in shaping politics. Many such activists and theorists influence the sphere of American politics. This blog refers to a person renowned for his white supremacist and antisemitic ideals. He has been a host for a show by the student organization, Turning Point USA. In addition, he has also been a television correspondent and presenter. Let’s dive into the sphere of American politics in the light of Jack Posobiec.

Who is Jack Posobiec?

Jack’s entire name is Jack Michael Posobiec III. He is an American activist of the alt-right wing. Furthermore, he is also a former Navy Intelligence Officer in the US. People know him for his pro-Donald Trump comment on Jack Posobiec twitter. Jack has also participated in political movements before. He had promoted the “Stop the Steal” movement. Above all, he is an advocate of white supremacy. He also used anti-semitic symbols in the white genocide conspiracy theory. Jack had worked for One America News Network for four years before hosting for Turning Point USA. He has also worked as a senior editor for the news site Human Events.

Jack Posobiec’s Personal Info and Early Education

Jack took birth on December 14, 1984, and is currently 39 years of age. Jack’s parents raised him in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Both of his parents were Democrats and of Polish descent. He completed his schooling at the Kennedy-Kenrick Catholic High School. Afterward, he started college at Temple University. Eventually, he became the Chairman of Republicans at the university. The David Horowitz Freedom Center used to run the organization, Students for Academic Freedom. Jack had started a chapter in the very organization. He also interned for US Senator Rick Santorum during a summer internship at college. He completed his graduation in 2006. Jack graduated with flying colors from Temple University with a double major in political science and broadcast journalism.

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What Are Some Of His Political Activities and Other Involvements?

The “Republican political operative” termed his work as “reality journalism” in a conversation with Will Sommer. He said that it was “part investigative, part activist, part commentary”. Posobiec was a special projects director for Citizens for Trump, a political organization. Let’s take a look at some of Posobiec’s activities:

Cut! Shakespeare in the Park disruption.

Shakespeare in the Park was shooting a scene for their own adaptation, Julius Caesar, on June 16, 2017. Jack had intervened in the shooting process. The plot was based upon the very central character depicting a Trump-like figure. Another alt-right activist, Mike Cernovich, had influenced Jack to interrupt the process. The former made a deal that anyone who interrupted the shooting procedure would win $1000. Jack Posobiec Twitter revealed a video of him shouting slurs at the audience.

The “Rally Against Political Violence” Controversy

Jack organized the very rally in Washington, D.C., on June 25, 2017. The movement was symbolic in condemning the shooting of Steve Scalise. However, there was another rally for the same cause. This particular rally was meant to compete with Jack’s. Richard Spencer, another alt-right activist, had organized this other rally. He had called out on Posobiec’s event and deemed it “pathetic”.

The “1488”

Jack Posobiec had taken active roles in the white supremacist movements. They are almost linked to neo-Nazi ideals. Multiple posts by him appear with the code 1488. It is the white supremacist code, also known as The Fourteen Words. He actively supports the slogan of 1488. Furthermore, the 88 in the number stands for HH, meaning Heil Hitler.

What happened at the Emancipation Memorial?

Almost a dozen protestors had chased and shoved Posobiec around June 2020 in Washington, D.C. Furthermore, they called out on him being a Nazi and drove him away from the park. These protestors were after him in a long chase around the Emancipation Memorial. It wasn’t until a police van arrived that Jack was saved from the rushing encounter. In conclusion, he later tweeted that he was “totally fine”. Yet, he pondered over “filing an assault report with DC Police”.

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