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Everything That You Need To Know About Daisy Head

The British actress has performed in a wide range of shows and cinema. Her popularity came to the forefront with the fantasy film Fallen. In addition, she has also played a character alongside her father. The parent-son/daughter duo is something we adore in the film industry. In addition, you may also know her father, who is a popular musician. The actress from England has made quite a mark in her filmographic career.

Eventually, she also went on to star in Netflix and Hulu shows. The actress has previously acted in a Shakespearean adaptation. Haven’t you guessed the actress already? Or do you need a heads-up?

Who is Daisy Head?

Daisy Head is from England, so she is of British descent. She took birth on March 7, 1991, in Fulham, London. Daisy is the daughter of Anthony Stewart Head. Do you remember the Nescafe ad for the Gold Blend couple? That was Anthony. This catapulted him to acclaim in further shows and TV series. Daisy also has a younger sister, Emily Head.

Emily is famous for her role as Carli D’Amato in The Inbetweeners. Daisy’s grandmother is Helen Shingler, and her uncle is Murray Head. Daisy attended her schooling from Kingswood School in Bath, the ceremonial county of Somerset, England. In addition, she also trained herself at the Dorothy Coleborn School of Dance.

The Beginning of Her Career

Daisy Head had formerly starred in a TV series, Rose and Maloney, along with her father. This was her first-ever role in her career. She made her debut in 2010 in The Last Seven, portraying Chloe Chambers. In addition, Danny Dyer also played a character in the same series. Soon afterward, she starred in the musical film, Rules of Love and also, played alongside Jake Roche. He went on to become the frontman of Rixton(now, Push Baby).

Daisy Head’s Latest Ventures

Later, in 2016, she starred in Fallen as Arriane Alter. Fallen is a film with a heterogeneous cast of British, Australian, and American artists. In addition, she also played Alexia in a film from the Underworld franchise in the same year. The director of Underworld: Blood Wars, Anna Foerster, chose her as Alexia. Daisy went ahead with her career and starred in a Shakespearean adaptation by Gary Fleder in 2017.

The first episode’s title was A Midsummer’s Nightmare. The original text was William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Daisy portrayed Kate Bottomley in the third season of the Hulu series Harlots in 2019. In addition, she also signed up for a series on Netflix. An announcement came around in October 2019 that she would be playing Genya Saffin in Shadow and Bone.

What Are Her Roles in TV Series?

Main Roles

Daisy Head has also portrayed numerous characters in TV series. Besides films, serials also became her forte. In addition, directors and filmmakers started considering her for some roles. Eventually, her venture started with playing Kate Barber in Feather Boy in 2004. In 2005, Daisy played Christina in Patrick’s Planet. Daisy appeared in the main roles after ten years. She later played Amy Stevenson in 2015’s The Syndicate. This was her main role for the third series.

In addition, she also played Grace Atwood in Guilt, a 2016 series(short-lived). She later appeared as Ruby in the 2018 series Girlfriends. Her latest role is Kate Bottomley in Season 3 of Harlots. In addition, she has signed up to play the lead role in the upcoming 2024 series, The Gray House.

Recurring Roles and Episodic Appearances

Daisy has appeared in Rose and Maloney, as well as Trial & Retribution. The portrayals were Daniella Terry and Naomi Franke, respectively, in the 2005 shows. She appeared in the episodes of Annie Johnson for the former and The Lovers: Part I for the latter. Head played Mandir Jordan for the Movement episode in Doc Martin, 2007. She portrayed Miri Gellert for two episodes in Holby City.

The show screened in 2010. In 2011 and ’12, Daisy appeared in the Doctors and Endeavour series. She played Victoria Liston and Jenny Crisp for Quarantine and the pilot episode, respectively. Furthermore, Daisy also played Sarah for eight episodes in The Proxy, 2012. This was a recurring role. In 2015, she starred as Emily Perkins in Suspects for the episode “Connections”.

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