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Demon Slayer Characters: Explore Some Interesting Facts About The Show

If you are an ardent anime lover, you must have watched the famous anime series “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.” Yes, it is a Japanese manga series that Koyoharu Gotouge’s one of the most famous creations. The way he created the plot and the Demon Slayer characters with all the meticulous details, shows how great an artist the man is.

As per the sources, the series appeared in Shueisha’s Shonen manga magazine from February 2016 to May 2020. If you have seen the anime you will know that the plot follows the life of the teenager Tanjiro Kamado and other characters. He strives to become a Demon Slayer after a horrific incident where he loses his family and his sister Nezuko turns into a demonic character. So if you are eager to learn more about this popular anime’s characters, stay tuned to us until the end. Let’s take a glance!

What Is Demon Slayer All About?

Demon Slayer is a 26-episode anime television series adaptation coming from the production house of Ufotable. If we talk about the story of the anime in short we can say that the story begins in the Taisho era in Japan. There is a secret organization, Demon Slayer Corps which has waged a war against demons for centuries. Here comes Tanjiro Kamado who is a kind-hearted and intelligent boy. He lives with his family and after his father’s death becomes the family’s breadwinner.

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Explore Some Interesting Facts About Demon Slayer’s Nezuko Kamado

One day he discovers that demons have slaughtered his family and his sister has been turned into a demon. However, she still shows some signs of being a human which makes her brother want to protect her. Along their journey, they meet fellow Demon Slayers like Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira, and several others. Later they team up together to kill the demons and make the world a safe place to live in and there is a happy ending. In the next section, Let us look into more details about this anime’s main characters.

Which Are The Main Characters Of Demon Slayer?

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All ardent fans of Demon Slayer will surely want to know more about the main characters of this anime. So this includes Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, Inosuke Hashibira, Kanao Tsuyuri, and Genya Shinazugawa. Apart from this demons like Muzan Kibutsuji, Twelve Kizuki, Kokushibo, and others are also present in the show. However, let us now know about the Demon Slayers in this section:

Tanjiro Kamado

This name will probably come to you at first when you hear the name of this anime. As we said earlier, Tanjiro is the oldest son of charcoal sellers Tanjuro and Kie. Muzan Kibutsuji is the evil demon who killed his family while he was away. However, his sister Nezuko survived but was turned into a demon.

Since then, his goal has been to find a cure for her to transform her into a human. So to fulfill this end, he decides to become a Demon Slayer. He initially trains under Sakonji Urokodaki to learn “Water Breathing” Finally, he can fulfill his aim and get back his sister as a human.

Nezuko Kamado

Another main character after Tanjiro is Nezuko. She is the second child and oldest daughter who was turned into a demon. Well, it was during the massacre of her family. She becomes Tanjiro’s motivation and support, who later becomes a Demon Slayer to find a way to turn her back to normal.

Even though her mind is lost, she retains enough memories to refrain from killing Tanjiro. In the end, she successfully becomes a human being through the help of the demon slayers.

Zenitsu Agatsuma

He is a character who is initially forced to join the Demon Slayer Corps around the same time as Tanjiro. His character serves as comic relief, with his flighty personality. This in turn acts as a contrast to Tanjiro’s steadfast determination.

Unlike Tanjiro, he trained in “Thunder Breathing.” He also has a heightened sense of hearing. This allows him to distinguish a person’s true character by hearing his heartbeat and tracking demons.

Inosuke Hashibira

As per the story, Inosuke is a boy who was raised by wild boars and taught to speak by an old man. This was because his mother sacrificed herself to save him from Doma, the Upper-Rank Two. He uses a self-taught style called “Beast Breathing.”

In addition, he uses a heightened sense of touch. This allows him to locate enemies by feeling vibrations in the air.

Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao is a girl who joined the Demon Slayer Corps at the same time as the others. She uses the “Flower Breathing.” Later, she develops feelings for Tanjiro and she never thinks twice to risk her life to help save him when he is turned into a demon. Moreover, she wields a light pink sword and possesses a heightened sense of sight. It allows her to analyze and dodge attacks.

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say that Demon Slayer is one of the most popular animes of all time. If you have watched the show, you will know why it has thousands of viewers all over the world. The above article talks about some of the special qualities of the show’s main characters.

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