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Danelo Cavalcante: Escaping Prisons, Butchering Identities

Some individuals would even rise to the rank of national importance. They would run from one part of the country to another to escape. But their menacing won’t stop. A mentally disintegrated being would always look out for escaping. Who wants to live imprisoned, anyway? A criminal’s morale would only lie in the best interests of committing a crime. Little consideration dawns upon a criminal mindset when he/she is brought before the court. Brazil faced an acute situation: a man on the run. The criminal even rose to the height of national importance. However, matters are settled at hand for the time being. Above all, the havoc bore him nothing but rebounded him back in custody. This article discusses the ruthless criminal vagabond Danelo Cavalcante, who is on the run. Well, not anymore. Let’s see how Brazil reacted.

All Factuals & Details About Danelo Cavalcante.

The name is short for Danilo Souza Cavalcante. The name is Portuguese and involves a similar pronunciation. Danelo Cavalcante has been a high-end criminal on the run. His crimes kept overlapping against each other until they piled him back behind bars. He is a Brazilian national. His first crime involved a murder in the state of Tocantins in Brazil. Moreover, there was another murder in Pennsylvania, United States. Additionally, he also became a fugitive and hid in the US. Furthermore, he also murdered his ex-girlfriend. His arrest soon followed, as did the prison escape. Let’s go through Danelo’s flowchart in his criminal progress:

The Murder Of Valter Junior Moreira dos Reis

Danelo Cavalcante made his first criminal record in 2017. He shot a 20-year-old student outside a restaurant in Figueiropolis in the Tocantins state. The day of the shooting was November 5. Furthermore, police investigations later revealed a feud between them. The name of the victim was Valter Junior Moreira dos Reis. The action on Cavalcante’s part referred to his hostility against his friend. The former had loaned out some money for vehicle repairs to Valter. Eventually, Cavalcante became hostile and shot him when he couldn’t pay him back the debt. He had different plans, even though the Public Prosecutors’ Office wanted him to stay disciplined and serve detention. Moreover, they issued a warrant. Danelo refused to turn himself in and fled. He hid in the woods for some time, hiding from the cops.

How Did He Escape To The US?

Danelo Cavalcante’s vagabond journey was about to begin. He fled Brazil in January of 2018. Moreover, Cavalcante was clever not to enter the US the usual way. Instead, he took the Puerto Rico channel and entered the country illegally. Posters of him were already wanted in and around. However, he got through Brasilia International Airport. The Titans justice System had flaws, and their miscommunication led to his easy escape. They had not updated the National Warrant Registry for seven months. As a result, he did not pass off as a criminal during the security check. He had everything planned before leaving Brazil. Eventually, he designed a fake ID proof and started staying in Chester County Pennsylvania. His sister and friends were already settled there.

Another Murder. Another Year.

Cavalcante did not stop at his first hands at the gun. Matters grew even worse for him when he decided on a girlfriend. He was in a relationship with a girl named Deborah Brandao in Chester County. She was also of Brazilian descent. Eventually, however, she ended her relationship with him. As a result, Cavalcante got angry, and it followed frequent threats. Deborah already had a daughter of 7 and a son of 4 while she dated him. The 2020 threats reached heat on April 18, 2021. Cavalcante had gone up to her house in Schuylkill Township, where he found and attacked her. The stabbing followed for 38 counts before her daughter ran for help. Eventually, the ambulance arrived and drove her to Paoli Hospital. However, she succumbed to her injuries and died.

Where Is Cavalcante Now?

The police had discovered Cavalcante on the morning of September 13. He was sleeping when they found him with a rifle. However, he tried to flee upon discovery. But Yoda, a Belgian Malinois breed of dog for the police, chased him. He even bit Danelo in the head and held on to him until the police held him in custody. Eventually, a SWAT team arrived and transported the criminal to Pennsylvania State Police.

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