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Who Is Prince Andrew’s Ex-Wife? All About Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson, often known as “Fergie” by the media and public, is a name that has been entwined with the British Royal Family for decades. As the ex-wife of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Sarah has lived a life filled with both privilege and scrutiny under the public eye. This article delves into the life of Sarah Ferguson, exploring her marriage with Prince Andrew, her career, and her life post-divorce.

Early Life and Marriage to Prince Andrew

Sarah Margaret Ferguson entered this world on October 15, 1959, in the illustrious city of London, England. She is the offspring of Major Ronald Ferguson and his initial spouse, Susan Wright. Sarah’s upbringing was relatively privileged, and she received a private education in England as well as Switzerland.

A Royal Wedding

Sarah Ferguson started dating Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip’s second son, back in 1985. The couple had known each other since childhood but reconnected at a party at Windsor Castle. Their romance blossomed quickly, and they announced their engagement on March 19, 1986.

The royal wedding took place on July 23, 1986, at Westminster Abbey. The ceremony was a huge event, seen by millions worldwide. Sarah’s wedding dress, designed by Lindka Cierach, became an iconic piece of 1980s bridal fashion. The couple received the titles Duke and Duchess of York upon marriage.

Life as a Duchess

As the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson quickly became a popular figure for her vibrant and approachable personality. However, life as a member of the Royal Family came with its challenges. She was expected to adhere to royal protocols and faced constant media attention.

Public Scrutiny and Media Relations

Sarah’s relationship with the media has been tumultuous. Early in her marriage, she was celebrated for her refreshing candor, but this soon turned to criticism. The Duchess faced intense scrutiny over her weight, fashion choices, and behavior, which the press often deemed as not fitting the royal mold.

Motherhood and Royal Duties

Sarah and Prince Andrew have two daughters, Princess Beatrice, born in 1988, and Princess Eugenie, born in 1990. Despite the pressures of royal life, Sarah was known to be a hands-on mother, often seen with her daughters at various public events. She also took on royal duties and patronages, focusing on children’s welfare and health issues.

The Scandal and Divorce

Unfortunately, the marriage between Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew began to unravel in the early 1990s. The couple split up in ’92, and their divorce was all settled by ’96.

The Infamous Photographs

In 1992, photographs of Sarah sunbathing topless in the South of France while having her toes kissed by financial advisor John Bryan were published in the British tabloids. The incident caused a scandal and led to further alienation from the Royal Family.

Sarah Ferguson in the South of France

Finalizing the Divorce

Despite the scandal, Sarah and Prince Andrew have remained on good terms following their divorce. They have continued to co-parent their daughters and often attend family events together.

Sarah Ferguson’s Career and Ventures

After her divorce, Sarah Ferguson faced financial difficulties but managed to reinvent herself as an author, media personality, and businesswoman.

Writing Career

Sarah has written a number of books, including her autobiography, “My Story,” as well as a series of children’s books featuring a character named “Budgie the Little Helicopter.” She has also penned lifestyle books and historical novels.

Media Appearances and Endorsements

Ferguson has made various appearances on television, including a stint on the reality show “Finding Sarah” which documented her journey of self-discovery. She has also served as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and has had endorsement deals with other brands.


Sarah has remained active in charitable work, particularly with organizations related to children’s health and education. She founded Children in Crisis in 1993 and has been involved with several other philanthropic endeavors over the years.

Sarah Ferguson Today

Today, Sarah Ferguson continues to carve out her own path. She remains in the public eye but has also worked to maintain a degree of privacy for herself and her family.

Relationship with the Royal Family

Sarah’s relationship with the Royal Family, particularly with Queen Elizabeth II, has been reported to be warm, despite past tensions. She has been present at significant royal events, including the weddings of her daughters.

Current Projects and Public Image

Sarah Ferguson continues to write and engage in public speaking. She is active on social and charitable fronts and has been vocal about her support for various causes. Her public image has seen a transformation from a royal outsider to a respected figure in her own right.

Reflections on Her Life and Legacy

Sarah Ferguson’s life has been one of both privilege and hardship. She has faced intense public scrutiny and personal challenges but has emerged as a strong and independent figure.

Overcoming Adversity

Sarah’s journey is a testament to her resilience. She has overcome financial struggles, media controversies, and the complexities of royal life to establish herself as a successful author and philanthropist.

Influence and Impact

The Duchess of York has used her platform to advocate for children’s welfare and has made a significant impact through her charitable work. Her story continues to inspire many who face similar adversities in their lives.


Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, is a multifaceted individual with a story that extends far beyond her royal title. From a vivacious young duchess to a seasoned author and philanthropist, Sarah has navigated the complexities of life in the public eye with grace and determination. Her ongoing work and the life she has built post-divorce continue to fascinate and inspire those who follow the British Royal Family.

As Sarah Ferguson’s journey continues to unfold, her legacy as a member of the Royal Family and as an independent woman will undoubtedly remain a topic of interest and admiration for years to come.

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