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Vape Pods Go Viral: The TikTok Trends You Need to Know


Are you a vaping enthusiast who enjoys creating TikTok videos? Then you have come to the right place. Here, we will look at the top vape pods to help you become the next TikTok sensation. 

Vaping culture reaches new heights due to a viral TikTok video. Now it is opening up an expanding world of vape pods. Like many other vape brands, Lava Plus has also gained users’ attention far and wide. The massive popularity of vaping has sparked a wave of interest in this electronic cigarette habit. Many people prefer this healthier alternative to the tobacco habit.

Today, we will cover all the recent viral trends and tricks, including some mind-blowing vape pods. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details.

Trends are meant to go viral, and there’s no exception with vaping. Just look at the global market for vapes. 

Since the end of 2023, vape brands have been growing rapidly. If we talk about how it gained so much attention, we have to give credit to TikTok. 

Who doesn’t remember Charli D’Amelio’s viral vape  TikTok video?

After that, many creators start showing their tricks with vape. Under the hashtag #vapetrick, it has 1.6 billion views. That was the start of many companies launching their delicious vape and distributing it widely.

Now that we are talking about Vape pod trends let’s take a glance at the most viral trends in TikTok. 

1. Ghost Inhale Trend 

One of the easiest tricks that everyone picked up was the ghost inhale trend. In that trend, people mainly let out the vapor slowly and then quickly sucked it back into their mouths. What happens here is that the smoke takes the form of a ghost. Many trends have been done with the ghost inhale trick. You will find numerous shorter reels on it. 

Check out this ghost inhale vape TikTok here.

2. French Inhale Trend

Don’t be misled by the name; it has nothing to do with France. Some quirky folks have given this technique a name. It mainly involves taking a large inhale of the vape and then breathing it in through the nose.

This trick is almost like ghost inhale but more cool. So, start learning and hop on the trend right now. Before that let’s watch this cool French inhale trend.

3. Smoke Ring Challange

Even if you have never heard about vape tricks or trends, I can bet that the smoke ring trend has appeared on your phone screen for once. This one is the classic trick among most smokers. But the trick isn’t that easy. You must learn to control your throat in the process. Most of the time, people don’t get to do it properly because making mile rings is quite hard. 

To learn the cool-looking trick, you will need to practice with your mouth and put the effort into letting the puff out. 

4. Dragon Trend

Oh, this one is the vaper crowd favorite. If you have ever watched the animation How to Train My Dragon, you are probably familiar with Dragon Breath. Animators often portray dragons blowing blazing fire from their mouths when they get angry. The trick is pretty similar to that dragon breath. 

To create a dragon trick, inhale a large amount of vapor and then slowly partially close your mouth. Next, exhale the smoke from the corners of both sides of your mouth. You can also exhale through your nose, so try exhaling from both your mouth and nose at the same time for an additional effect. 

Don’t wait around – keep practicing and get ready to make waves online!

5. Blowing Into The Bubble

When we were kids, we used to be fascinated by small, soapy bubbles floating in the air. We all wanted to make the biggest one. Now that we’re grown up, we’ve started blowing bubbles again, but in an adult version. 

Here’s how: make a soap-water solution and grab your favorite vape. Use the vapor to blow bubbles as you exhale. It creates a trippy effect, like smoke bubbles everywhere. I think it’s pretty cool. 

The Top 5 Viral Vape Pods Used on TikTok

Before we go on to knowing the top 5 viral vape pods for your next TikTok video, let me tell you how extremely vaping is ruling the global market. 

E-cigarettes have become extremely popular in recent years, largely due to the internet. People of all ages, from teens to adults, have become hooked on vaping, making it a worldwide phenomenon. As of 2023, the global market for vape pods is valued at 2.52 billion US dollars, and it is forecasted to reach 8.18 billion soon.

Since TikTok is one of the biggest platforms, it has become a strong platform for teen to show off their vape trick. Getting millions of views on their vape tricks. As a result, vaping companies started using the platform to advertise their vape pods.

Here are the 3  viral vape pods for you to try:

It is essential to choose a vape that can help you execute tricks, as you will need thicker smoke to make it look appealing. And there comes Lost Vape 18K with a 700mAh battery capacity and 5% nicotine strength. One of the fantastic features is the ability to fine-tune the airflow and effortlessly manage power consumption. Besides you are getting approximately 18000 puffs. 

key features:

– 3 power settings for customizable performance

– Full-screen touch buttons for easy control

– LED lights that provide real-time insights

  1. Crystal 2400 4-in-1

If you are looking for a perfect balance of great flavor and convenience, then this is the one for you. What’s fascinating here is the 4-pod system, which allows you to mix and match your e-liquid flavors. For those who love a good smoke, the rechargeable battery boasts an impressive 950mAh capacity.

key features:

– 4 pounds designed to rotate the flavors.

– Comes with 4 fun flavors.

– Good option for the beginners.

Who doesn’t enjoy the delicious taste of vape? Even if you’re practicing constantly the vaping tricks, you still want a great flavor. There are many comments on TikTok videos discussing flavors. So, here’s the vape with an excellent taste of morning coffee. Not only does Lava Plus offer great flavor, but it also provides 2600 puffs and 5% salt nicotine.

key features:

– No hassle for recharging or refilling

– Variety of flavors

– Comes handy

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Puffs of Vape Are Safe? 

It is recommended not to do heavy vaping throughout the day. The report says 140 puffs are enough for each day. So, it is safe for you to aim for minimal usage of vape per day. 

Is Vaping Good?

Vaping is considered to be good compared to cigarettes. It reduces the diseases that come from direct nicotine consumption.  But vaping is also not risk-free. So, take the responsibility and choose what is good for you.

The conclusion is about to unfold. Anything that catches people’s attention on TikTok has the potential to become viral very quickly. And the same thing happened to vaping as well. Now is your chance to take your favorite vape and land yourself on TikTok. You can be the next vape guru if you want to. 


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