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Lextroy Management Review: How to Create A Diverse Forex Trading Portfolio []


Forex trading is always changing. Therefore, a broad portfolio is essential for risk management and profit maximization. Diversifying your portfolio reduces your exposure to currency and economic changes. Lextroy Management, a currency portfolio management leader, stresses diversity for long-term development. Learn how to build a broad forex trading portfolio using Lextroy Management’s ideas in this article.

How to Diversify Forex Trading Portfolio

  • Set Investment Goals and Risk Tolerance

Investment Goals

  • Trading volatile currency pairings and using day trading or scalping tactics may be best for short-term profits.
  • Use swing or position trading on stable currency pairings for long-term growth.

Risk Tolerance

  • Include exotic currency pairings with more volatility if you can tolerate it.
  • Low-risk traders should concentrate on big currency pairings, which are less volatile and more liquid.

Lextroy Management advises utilizing a risk assessment tool to effectively estimate risk tolerance. Your investing horizon, financial status, and emotional resistance to market swings are considered by this tool.

  • Mix Currency Pairs

Currency pairings are crucial to diversity. Major, minor, and exotic currency pairings exist.

Major Currency Pairs

The most traded currencies are EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, and USD/CHF. These pairings are essential to any forex portfolio due to their liquidity and consistency. They have reduced spreads and less price volatility.

Minor Currency Pairs

Minor currency pairings include EUR/GBP, EUR/AUD, and GBP/JPY. Though less liquid than majors, they provide diversity and benefit from regional economic developments.

Exotic Currency Pairs

USD/TRY (Turkish Lira) and USD/BRL (Brazilian Real) are exotic currency pairings. Despite their volatility and greater spreads, these pairs may provide big profits if managed correctly.

  • Mix Trading Strategies

A diversified forex portfolio should include several trading tactics. Your portfolio will be robust to market fluctuations and less vulnerable to strategy-specific hazards.


Scalping includes many transactions each day to benefit from slight price changes. Major currency pairings are good for this approach due to liquidity and narrow spreads. Scalping suits traders who can follow markets for a long period.

Day Trading

Trading intraday price changes by starting and closing positions in the same day is day trading. This method works for large and small currencies. Day traders base their choices on technical analysis and short-term charts.

Swing Trading

Price oscillations spanning days to weeks are captured in swing trading. This approach uses market patterns and is good for traders who can’t monitor their positions. Swing trading works on all currency pairings.

  • Use Risk Management Tools

Forex trading requires risk management. Lextroy Management recommends risk management techniques to safeguard your wealth.

Orders to stop losing

Stop-loss orders close positions at predetermined loss levels. Limit losses and avoid emotional trading using this tool. Technical analysis and market circumstances should guide stop-loss levels.

Taking Profit Orders

Take-profit orders close positions at a specified profit. Gains are assured without regular market monitoring. Take-profit levels should reflect realistic price goals and trading methods.

Sizing Position

Risk-based position sizing determines how much cash to spend in each transaction. A frequent strategy is the 1% rule, where you risk 1% of your money on one transaction. This strategy protects money and mitigates losses.

  • Track and Adjust Portfolio

Creating a broad FX portfolio takes time. An effective portfolio that adjusts to market changes requires constant monitoring and modifications.

Review regularly

Review your portfolio regularly to evaluate its performance. Compare currency pairings and trading techniques for profitability. Rebalance your portfolio if any assets or strategies underperform.


To preserve your risk-reward profile, rebalance your portfolio. Based on performance and market forecast, this may include raising or lowering currency pair or strategy exposure.

Diversify Beyond Forex

Diversify beyond FX trading with commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. This larger diversity may reduce risk and increase rewards. Lextroy Management provides multi-asset trading platforms for diversification.


Lextroy Management creates a diverse forex trading portfolio by defining your investment goals and risk tolerance, choosing a mix of currency pairs, incorporating trading strategies, using risk management tools, and monitoring and adjusting your portfolio. These techniques will help you manage risk, seize market opportunities, and develop your forex trading business. Diversification is a technique and a guideline for long-term success in the dynamic forex trading environment.

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