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Britt Robertson Movies and TV Shows: Age, Height and Husband

Britt Robertson is a name that has become increasingly recognized in the world of entertainment. Her performances in various movies and TV shows have captivated audiences, and her personal life has also piqued public interest. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Britt Robertson’s career, her most notable works, personal details like her age and height, and delve into her relationship status.

Britt Robertson: A Brief Biography

Britt Robertson was born on 18th April, 1990, in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. As a young girl, she displayed a strong passion for acting, which led her to perform in various roles in theater productions. Her dedication and talent soon transitioned to the screen, where she has built a successful career in both television and film.

Early Career and Rise to Fame

Robertson’s journey to stardom began with roles in TV series such as “Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers” and “Swingtown.” But it was her starring role in the CW’s supernatural show “The Secret Circle” that really made her a household name. Since then, she has taken on diverse characters, showcasing her range as an actress.

Britt Robertson’s Age and Height

As of the time July 2024, Britt Robertson is 34 years old. She stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm), which, while not towering, has never hindered her commanding presence on screen.

Britt Robertson Movies

Britt Robertson’s filmography is impressive, and she has appeared in a variety of genres, from romantic comedies to intense dramas.

Notable Film Roles

Some of Britt Robertson’s most memorable film performances include:

  • “Tomorrowland” (2015): In this science fiction adventure film, Robertson played the curious and intelligent teen Casey Newton alongside George Clooney.
  • “The Longest Ride” (2015): Robertson starred as Sophia Danko, a college student who falls for a bull rider, which brings her into a world of love and sacrifice.
  • “A Dog’s Purpose” (2017): In this heartwarming story, Robertson portrayed a young woman whose life is touched by a dog with an extraordinary spirit.

Recent Projects

Robertson continues to work on exciting projects, maintaining her position as a sought-after actress in Hollywood. Her performances continue to earn her acclaim and a growing fan base eager to see her next roles.

Britt Robertson TV Shows

Robertson’s television career is just as notable as her film work. She has been a part of several TV series that have been critical to her career trajectory.

Breakthrough TV Roles

  • “Life Unexpected” (2010-2011): Robertson played Lux Cassidy, a teenager who reconnects with her birth parents. The show was praised for its heartfelt storytelling and Robertson’s performance.
  • “The Secret Circle” (2011-2012): As Cassie Blake, Robertson portrayed a young witch discovering her powers and destiny. The show gained a cult following, despite its short run.
  • For the People” (2018-2019): In this legal drama, Robertson took on the role of Sandra Bell, a new lawyer working in the Southern District of New York Federal Court.

Guest Appearances and Recurring Roles

Aside from her lead roles, Robertson has made guest appearances on various TV shows, adding depth and range to her acting portfolio.

Personal Life

When it comes to her personal life, Britt Robertson tends to keep things relatively private. However, she has shared some aspects of her life with fans, including her hobbies and interests outside of acting.

Height and Physical Characteristics

Britt Robertson’s height often comes up in discussions about her on-screen presence. While she may not be the tallest actress in Hollywood, her performances are powerful enough to leave a lasting impression.

Relationship Status

Britt Robertson’s relationship status has been a subject of interest for many fans. She has been linked to several fellow actors over the years, most notably Dylan O’Brien, whom she met while filming “The First Time.” The two dated for several years before reports of their breakup surfaced.

As of the latest updates, Britt Robertson’s relationship status is not publicly known, as she keeps this aspect of her life away from the limelight.

Awards and Recognition

Throughout her career, Britt Robertson has received various nominations and awards for her performances. These awards show how talented she is and the difference she’s made in the industry.

Critical Acclaim

Critics have totally praised Robertson for how she nails the authenticity and depth of her characters. She has been praised for her performances in both leading and supporting roles.

Audience Appreciation

Beyond critical acclaim, Britt Robertson has garnered a loyal fan base that appreciates her work in movies and TV shows. Her on-screen presence and acting prowess have made her a beloved figure among viewers.

Future Projects and Career Outlook

With a career that continues to flourish, Britt Robertson has a promising future ahead. Her versatility as an actress opens up many opportunities for her to explore different roles and genres.

Upcoming Releases

Fans can look forward to seeing Britt Robertson in upcoming projects that are currently in production or development. As she takes on new challenges, her filmography will undoubtedly expand with more captivating performances.

Potential for Continued Success

Given Britt Robertson’s track record and the recognition she has received, it’s clear that she has the potential for continued success in the entertainment industry. Whether on the big screen or on television, her performances are sure to captivate audiences for years to come.


Britt Robertson has made a significant mark in the entertainment world with her varied and engaging performances in both movies and TV shows. From her early career to her current status as a respected actress, she continues to showcase her talent and versatility. With her personal details such as age and height often being points of curiosity, her fans remain interested in her both on and off the screen. As she moves forward in her career, Britt Robertson remains a figure to watch, with many anticipating her future projects and continued success in Hollywood.

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